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# Digital Human Anatomy based on Real Data
finished work as PDF: [digital-anatomy.pdf](
literature overview:
## Generate PDF from latex file
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# build pdf for analysis of research topic
## Topics
with focus on data acquisition and visualization techniques. overview of state-of-the-art visualization with evaluation of suitability for virtual dissection.
### motivation (1 site)
- applications: training medical students, clinic and forensic applications
- focus on training because of upcoming project
### data acquisition (5 sites)
- methods with living and dead: volumetric (MRT, CT, ultrasound, OCT), Visible Human (slicing) and 3D-scans
for each method:
- short description of how datasets are obtained --> effort to get the dataset
- kind of measured information (mostly real colors not available) --> application
- dataset structure (data format, size)
- difficulties (e.g. missing parts with slicing)
### preprocessing (3 sites)
- reason for preprocessing: noise, ...
- automatic or interactive filtering, segmentation and labeling techniques
- registration techniques (for upcoming task: displaying parts with higher resolution in context of whole body with lower resolution)
### medical data visualization (3 sites)
- overview 2D and 3D-Vis
- used interaction method
- used hardware (dispolay)
### visualization systems (5 sites)
- visualization techniques on projects
- user interaction (dissection ...), used hardware (Holo-lens ...)
- existing visualization systems: Voxel-Man, Virtual Soldier, 3D Digital Head and Neck Viewer (GSoA)
### evaluation (2 sites) and conclusion (1 site)
- suitability for virtual dissection
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# literature research
- scientific visualization
- digital anatomy
- medical human visualization
- digital human modeling
- medical imaging, segmentation
- 3D-scans in medical application
- Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention MICCAI
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